Club Constitution

New Forest Camera Club Constitution ver 2.6 (As amended at AGM May 2018)

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New Forest Camera Club
Club Constitution
(Amendments since previous version, 2.5, indicated by sidebar)
Name and Purpose
The club shall be known as the “New Forest Camera Club” and its aim shall be to promote an appreciation and enjoyment of all aspects of photography to all people in the community.
Membership shall be open to all persons interested in photography and applications for membership shall be considered by the committee, who reserve the right to refuse membership.
Officers and Committee
The affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee which shall consist of the following officers:-
Vice chairman
Programme Secretary
Competition Secretary
External Competition Secretary
Additional committee members may be elected by the general membership, at an Annual General meeting, to support the officers and share their duties and responsibilities, as appropriate.
The Committee may also arrange with other Club members to assist with the running of the Club by taking responsibility for specific tasks. Members co-opted in this way will not form part of the Committee and will liaise with the Committee via appropriate Committee members.
Each of the committee members shall be elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting and shall be required to stand down from their post after 3 years. Officers may then be re-elected to the same or different post, if they are willing to stand, subject to membership approval. Election of committee members shall require a proposer and a separate seconder in all cases. New Forest Camera Club Constitution ver 2.6 (As amended at AGM May 2018)

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It shall be the responsibility of each committee member to maintain regular attendance at club and committee meetings. Should continuous non-attendance or other incidents of neglect be evident, the committee shall, at any time, be empowered to vote the person off the committee. That person will then immediately assume the position of a normal club member.
Subscriptions and fees
All members shall pay an annual subscription and weekly attendance fee, both of which shall be determined for the ensuing year at each Annual General Meeting.
The full annual subscription shall be due for payment at the start of the photographic year, normally September. Alternatively, and at the sole discretion of the Treasurer, a half-subscription at that time and then a further half-subscription at the resumption of activities after Christmas may be allowed.
Any member whose annual subscription has not been paid within 4 weeks of the start of a session shall be notified by the Treasurer and if they have still not paid the amount owed by 2 weeks thereafter, they shall cease to be a club member. Their place shall then be offered to anyone wishing to join.
[For the purposes of this paragraph, "session" means either the start of the photographic year, normally September, or at the resumption of activities after the Christmas break, as appropriate.]
Every member attending club meetings shall pay an attendance fee on the evening, which amount shall be fixed by the Treasurer at the preceding Annual General Meeting.
Members who do not attend a meeting for which they have submitted a competition entry will be required to pay the weekly attendance fee for that meeting.
Junior Membership
Junior membership is open to anyone under the age of 21. Juniors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Junior annual subscriptions and attendance fees shall at no time be more than one third of the full subscription. All subscriptions and fees are due for payment as determined above.
The clubs funds shall be administered by the committee and deposited at a recognised bank.
The club’s accounting year shall end on 30th April. The Treasurer shall present a set of club accounts at the following Annual General Meeting. Prior to presentation, the accounts shall have been audited by a qualified independent auditor or certified by one other committee member. New Forest Camera Club Constitution ver 2.6 (As amended at AGM May 2018)

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Members shall be permitted to bring their friends or relatives to club evenings subject to an appropriate entrance fee, set at the discretion of the Treasurer. Visitor numbers may be restricted at the discretion of the committee.
Annual and Special General Meetings
The club's Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of May each year.
Special General Meetings may be called at the discretion of the Committee or upon a requisition signed by no fewer than 10 club members. The requisition shall state the objective of the proposed meeting and shall be handed to the Secretary not less than 21 days before the proposed date of the meeting. Club members shall have not less than 7 days notice of all Special General Meetings called by the Committee.
Breach of Conduct
Any member guilty of breach of conduct, which shall include but be not limited to offensive or aggressive behaviour, cheating or other behaviours considered unreasonable, shall be expelled from the club at the discretion of the committee, subject to the member's right to appeal at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.
Loan of Club Equipment
On receipt of a written request, club equipment is available for loan for a limited period at the discretion of the committee.
The member borrowing club equipment shall not transfer or lend any of the club equipment to any other person.
The member borrowing club equipment shall accept full responsibility for the equipment and pay in full within seven days of its due return date for any damage or loss incurred whilst in his or her care.
All borrowed equipment must be returned to the club premises at an agreed time. At the discretion of the Committee, failure to comply may result in the levy of a late-return fee.
Alteration to Club Constitution or Rules No addition or alteration to the Constitution or Rules shall be made except at the New Forest Camera Club Constitution ver 2.6 (As amended at AGM May 2018)


Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called in accordance with the section headed Annual and Special General Meetings
Members suggestions
The committee will be pleased to receive suggestions at any time from the members for the efficient running of the club. Members wishing to make suggestions should contact the Secretary.
Interpretation of the Rules
The committee shall be required to provide an interpretation of all rules if questions arise. The committee's interpretation and decisions taken shall be final.
In circumstances where an interpretation of Competition Rules is urgently required in order to guide the Competition Secretary in applying the rules for a specific competition, a ruling will be made by the Competition Secretary in consultation with two committee members.
Data Protection
The Club requires certain items of personal data to be collected from members in order to run its normal activities. The collection and use of this data is governed by the NFCC Data Protection Policy (see Appendix), acceptance of which is a condition of membership.
Dissolution of the club
The club can only be dissolved with the consent of a minimum of two-thirds of the committee members. In the event that the New Forest Camera Club folds or ceases to exist, the remaining funds would be distributed as follows:
* • The club membership fees for the current season or proportion thereof will be returned to the members subject to sufficient funds being available.

* • The Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) shall be instructed to hold the balance of any remaining fees and assets, in trust, until the New Forest Camera Club reforms or until a similar, new, local club is formed, whichever occurs first.

END New Forest Camera Club Constitution ver 2.6 (As amended at AGM May 2018)


Appendix 1
NFCC Data Protection Policy
As accepted at AGM, 24 May 2018
1. The NFCC collects and holds personal data from its members as required in order to run its normal activities.
2. The required personal data items are: name; accreditations; address of residence; email address; mobile and/or landline number.
3. The personal data is held by the officers of the Committee for as long as they are in office, and then deleted.
4. Data held may be used by members of the committee for the distribution of information to club members.
5. When a member’s image is selected for entry by the NFCC into external competitions organised by the SCPF or the PAGB, personal data items held about the member may be passed on to and held by those organisations in order to identify the author of the image.
6. Other than as provided for above, no data will be passed to 3rd parties or other club members without the consent of the individual member.
7. Members may check the personal data held about them by asking the Chairman or the Secretary.
8. The accuracy of data held will be checked and confirmed annually in September.
9. Acceptance of this policy is a condition of membership of the NFCC.